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Colorful Me Colorful Me

On 08, May 2012 | In | By susiekarasic

Colorful Me

Here is a drawing app I designed for an ipad design class. It is created in html5 canvas. The idea would be for kids to be able to “colorize” black and white photographs, something I used to like to do. I am also enjoying designing bright and colorful icons for ios apps.


You can try this app on your ipad by going to: Colorful Me Note: this app works on ipads only.

EatStayCook EatStayCook EatStayCook EatStayCook EatStayCook

On 26, Apr 2012 | In | By susiekarasic


EatStayCook is a prototype that I designed and developed that is a proposed travel site for food-centric travelers.

The preliminary prototype, which can be seen here at: eatstaycook, was coded as a responsive design website using Twitter Bootstrap.

I created a full UX Deck with research, site map, and annotated wireframes for this project.

In and Up Pilates In and Up Pilates

On 25, Apr 2012 | In | By susiekarasic

In and Up Pilates

I designed this website and branding several years ago as an html website for In & Up Pilates. It had worked well for them. The website link for the old html site is: In and Up Pilates. Recently I recreated the site as a WordPress site. I built the WordPress version as a custom theme. The website link for the new WordPress site is: In and Up Pilates WordPress site. It is very similar to the original html version, but with additional features, such as a custom post type for client testimonials, that can be easily posted in that section.
Read more…

Montebello Town Center

By skarasic

On 21, Apr 2012 | In | By skarasic

Montebello Town Center

This mark was created several years ago for the Montebello Town Center. Although it is no longer in use by them, it was recently published in the LogoLounge Master Library Volume 3. The concept was a simple play on the M shape.

TW Miller

On 19, Apr 2012 | In | By susiekarasic

TW Miller

I implemented this WordPress theme using the Obox theme “Motion Picture”. Obox is another theme that has a strong framework that makes it easy for user’s to update themselves. I chose this theme because it was specifically designed for showing video. I integrated using Vimeo, since they have good resolution. Vimeo also allows users to post videos on their site only. View site here.

Tournament of Roses Logo

By skarasic

On 19, Apr 2012 | In | By skarasic

Tournament of Roses Logo

The Tournament of Roses had offered a logo competition to my 8th term Graphic Design class at Art Center College of Design. I was fortunate to have had my design selected to represent this prestigious organization. Especially since I was part of a class of very talented designers, and there were many outstanding submissions in this competition. Read more…

BZB Board BZB Board

On 18, Apr 2012 | In | By susiekarasic

BZB Board

An ipad web app design mockup created for a class, for a drag ‘n drop bulletin board included some drag n drop functionality written with jQuery. The app has a “Busy Bee” theme, reflected in the name, BZB Board. Click here to try it