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Manifold Art

By susiekarasic

On 28, Jul 2014 | In | By susiekarasic

Manifold Art

Website for the artist DRM Quetzalkanbalam. HTML5 website with integrating Bootstrap responsive framework. View

Industry Intelligence Industry Intelligence

On 11, Aug 2013 | In | By susiekarasic

Industry Intelligence

I designed this responsive HTML5 website with a custom responsive design framework. It was designed to work across multiple browsers and devices: I implemented a variety of cross-browser Polyfills to make this work down to Internet Explorer 7 and 8. I worked closely with the client’s back-end development teach to meet their needs and requirements.

Some of the unique responsive solutions for this client included an interactive “image map“, where different parts of the image linked to different pages, and a responsive “ticker-tape” of their clientele.

I also created templates for pages with dynamic content.

I also am working with them on a responsive solution for their company’s intranet web applications.


Colorful Me Colorful Me

On 08, May 2012 | In | By susiekarasic

Colorful Me

Here is a drawing app I designed for an ipad design class. It is created in html5 canvas. The idea would be for kids to be able to “colorize” black and white photographs, something I used to like to do. I am also enjoying designing bright and colorful icons for ios apps.


You can try this app on your ipad by going to: Colorful Me Note: this app works on ipads only.

EatStayCook EatStayCook EatStayCook EatStayCook EatStayCook

On 26, Apr 2012 | In | By susiekarasic


EatStayCook is a prototype that I designed and developed that is a proposed travel site for food-centric travelers.

The preliminary prototype, which can be seen here at: eatstaycook, was coded as a responsive design website using Twitter Bootstrap.

I created a full UX Deck with research, site map, and annotated wireframes for this project.

Parallax Web Page Parallax Web Page

On 25, Apr 2012 | In | By susiekarasic

Parallax Web Page

This was an experimental web page using jQuery Parallax technique, animation and HTML5. The page was designed to play with overlapping patterns which change while the browser window scrolls or resizes. View the web page here: Parallax Page

BZB Board BZB Board

On 18, Apr 2012 | In | By susiekarasic

BZB Board

An ipad web app design mockup created for a class, for a drag ‘n drop bulletin board included some drag n drop functionality written with jQuery. The app has a “Busy Bee” theme, reflected in the name, BZB Board. Click here to try it