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UCLA Health UCLA Health

UCLA Health

I’ve been working as part of the content management team for UCLA Health for the past several years. The site uses a proprietary Content Management System. The work involves updating and creating content for this over 8,000 page website. I work on jQuery solutions for slideshows, and image editing for the main website. I also implemented an employee intranet site using WordPress. Visit

In and Up Pilates In and Up Pilates

On 25, Apr 2012 | In | By susiekarasic

In and Up Pilates

I designed this website and branding several years ago as an html website for In & Up Pilates. It had worked well for them. The website link for the old html site is: In and Up Pilates. Recently I recreated the site as a WordPress site. I built the WordPress version as a custom theme. The website link for the new WordPress site is: In and Up Pilates WordPress site. It is very similar to the original html version, but with additional features, such as a custom post type for client testimonials, that can be easily posted in that section.
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